Asset Based Loans

Asset Based Jumbo Loans from $800K to $10M.

  • 70% loan-to-value
  • 5-10 year interest only options
  • No tax return needed
  • No early prepay penalties
  • 14 Days Underwriting to Close
  • 24 Month Bank Balance Statement Loan Available (combination of business and/or personal)


“One of our clients hadn’t worked in over 4 years and needed a loan.  Denied by other lenders, we were able to approve him with 30% down on a million dollar home, with his primary asset being only cash in the bank.” 

“Unfortunately a client of ours was going through a divorce and needed cash for his settlement.  We were able to get his refinancing approved within 24 hours with his only asset being equity in his home.”

“Business owners love our equity based product because we have the ability to look at their entire financial picture.  That could include savings, investment portfolios, or solely business income.”