About Us

Drop Mortgage, Inc. DBA Santa Barbara Funding Group is made up of an elite group of mortgage professionals whose leadership is comprised of over 40-years executive level; real estate and mortgage lending experience. We have come together as a team out of a desire to bring positive change to the mortgage industry one loan at a time. Every loan is unique since we are each unique as individuals, very rarely are two situations the same, so each loan must be treated with care and respect just as we should each be treated in like manner.

As a team, our depth and breadth of experience has brought irreplaceable wisdom that causes us to “seek first to understand” so we can meet each client’s needs and have a successful outcome. As a company, our first desire is to make even highest level business decisions with client service as our primary focus. We choose to honor people in our work knowing this mindset will create longevity. We don’t desire consumers to do business with, we desire lasting relationships in which we can serve for a lifetime.