The Three Keys to Lending Excellence


Speed is best measured when a comparison can be made. The Santa Barbara Funding Group difference is best appreciated if you’ve experienced how painful getting a mortgage can be. Our streamlined process is designed to get us to funding fast, efficiently and in a manner that can be compared head to head with any of the best in the industry.

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No two people are made the same, so no two mortgages are quite the same. Flexible lending starts with understanding your situation and needs and ends with getting you funded for just the right mortgage in the timeline you’ve planned for.

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Personalized Service

The mortgage process is personal. We value you, your personal financial situation and what you are aiming to accomplish for your family. Our efficiencies are not gained at the expense of people, rather because of people. Honoring you is at the very heart of our personalize mortgage process.

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What is the Santa Barbara Funding Group Difference?

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Sailing into underwriting

In the mortgage process, lenders have lots of questions. Before anyone makes a commitment to own your loan for 30 years, they want to fully understand your situation. Much of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of a detail-oriented individual called an underwriter. Our loan officers work hard to understand your full situation in order to present a complete picture to the underwriter. This helps to quickly identify anything else needed to approve your loan. The mortgage process can stall and sour if an inaccurate or incomplete picture is presented to underwriters, or if that picture isn’t provided quickly in the process. For example, if your loan doesn’t go into underwriting until week 3, you will likely be answering underwriter’s questions in week 4. To honor you and your time, our team works to always present a complete package to the underwriter of your loan and to do this early, rather later in the process.

Matching you with just the right loan

If you’ve ever heard the saying “best laid plans,” the meaning of the saying goes something like this: we usually hope and think for the best, but things don’t usually go according to plans. For example, during the last downturn, many people found out at the worst time they were in mortgages they could not afford. We offer many mortgage products, but consider us more like a dating service…by getting to know you we will be better equipped to find your perfect mortgage match!

Clear communication for a seamless process

Boiled down to its most essential form, the mortgage process is about communication. Failed communication costs everyone time, money and even reputation. The hallmarks of good communication are basic and we have more tools aiding communication than in any time in history, yet stress, pressure and overwork still cause breakdowns. The Santa Barbara Funding Group team works hard to communicate consistently and with assurance, to ensure every message is delivered, received, understood and acted on if needed.

Clearing you to close

Like air traffic control clearing a pilot for landing after a long flight, our final role and favorite goal is to deliver the message that “you are now clear to close.” Travel is often times not fun, and we would be misrepresenting if we claimed getting a mortgage was actually “fun,” however, working with great people that honor each other and you certainly helps! The Santa Barbara Funding Group way is to get you to funding quickly and humanely as humanly possible…with some great new friends made along the way!


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